29th April

Coquet Park KS1 - brilliant bunnies this week! We used fat marker pens to create colourful backgrounds and then we added patterns to our bunnies using sharpies. We mounted them onto our backgrounds and they look sensational!

NHSG EYFS & KS1 - We used felt tips to add strong colours to our landscapes, we blended the shades with a surprising technique! the outlines were created using sharpies. The completed pieces have vibrant colours and beautiful tones. I think they look stunning!

NHSG KS2 - We continued our work on crystals this week by adding the delicate colours you see when gazing at these beautiful formations! We used small brushes and steady hands to add colour blending to each facet. We chose complimentary colours and a restricted palette.

Archibald First KS1 - We created these fantastic crocodiles using sharpies to outline, we added a smile and LOTS of TEETH! we used watercolours to paint the bodies blending gently and adding lots of water! We then chose a striking colour for the background!

Archibald First KS2 - WE tried our hand at perspective using fish eye lenses as a starting point. we created a city around a central point, designed our buildings and then painted and mounted them. This was a tricky first project but the results are absolutely FABULOUS!

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