Fantastic Beasts - Day 3

Fantastic Beasts Day 3: guided drawing this morning! We drew our own Fwoopers! We listened carefully and added our own unique twists...they look fantastic!

Fantastic Beasts Day 3: beautifully painted Fwoopers! We added vibrant colours and tried to include lots of details and drawing techniques to give texture! They look rather fetching in all their finery! We added backgrounds to finish the canvases!

Fantastic Beasts Day 3: glittery beaks added to half face masks, made the basis for our thunderbird masks, we then added reds, oranges and yellows to give a background for the feathers! Can’t wait to see these later they already look great!

Fantastic Beasts Day 3: captured a baffle of Bowtruckles and a cacophony of occamies in the grass this afternoon when the sun shone for all of 5 minutes!

Fantastic Beasts Day 3: FINAL EXHIBITION - we created some fabulous projects this half term and had lots of new starters! It’s lovely seeing the culmination of all the creative energy in the thunderbird masks, occamies, nifflers bowtruckles and Fwoopers Super effort by all who attended!

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