Fantastic Beasts - Day 2

Fantastic Beasts Day 2: our morning was spent creating Billywigs! We used tin foil to make machetes and then added helicopter wings made from wire and cellophane. We then used modroc to cover was really messy! We’re going to paint them this afternoon, along with our nifflers and Pygmy puffs!

Fantastic Beasts Day 2: we finished our nifflers this afternoon! They’re very cute and it seems we caught them in their natural environment!

Fantastic Beasts Day 2: we finished our occamies too! We added colour and tissue paper wings! We even used metallic polishes to give them even more mystery! Hopefully I’ll capture them outside in the grass tomorrow! We made Bowtruckles and Pygmy puffs too!

Fantastic Beasts Day 2: we had some mini exhibitions today too! We’ve made some great projects so far! I can’t wait to see the rest assembled tomorrow! ‬

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