Fantastic Beasts - Day 1

Fantastic Beasts Day 1: we’ve spent most of our morning creating these fabulous occamies! We used sculpey and wire to make the bodies, then added a bird-like head, some glass eyes and wire wings to complete them! We’re going to bake them in the oven tonight and we’ll paint them tomorrow!

‪Fantastic Beasts Day 1: we’ve made Niffler and Pygmy puff faces this afternoon, they took a lot of sculpting. We made Niffler paws too, I can’t wait to see them assembled tomorrow! We also made Occamy eggs they’re beautifully glittery!

‪Fantastic Beasts Day 1: we became professors of potions this afternoon! We made swooping evil venom (that really glows on the dark!), erumpant musk (to lure erumpents into suitcases!) and murtlap essence (which heals all ailments!) they are all in corked bottles too! Warning: DO NOT DRINK!

Fantastic Beasts Day 1: Batch of occamies fresh out of the oven! #lifeofanartteacher

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