Fabulous Flamingos - Day 3

Fabulous Flamingos Day 3: we started our day today creating backgrounds for our wallhangings and watercolours! We used different paint effects for each. We used newsprint and canvases and we’ll add the finishing touches later once they’ve dried!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 3: we’ve done guided drawing this morning too! We drew a large close up of a flamingo head and then tore up all of our painted newspaper to create collage shapes! We then began to glue them down to create a painted effect! The three shades of pink worked beautifully, I can’t wait to see them finished!

‪Fabulous Flamingos Day 3: newspaper print flamingos look amazing! The collage aspect worked brilliantly and the water colour backgrounds really add to the finished pieces! Everyone was thrilled with them! Fabulous Flamingos!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 3: we spent this afternoon adding the details to our mini wall hangings! We used templates, felt and foam to create these lovely final designs! They’re so colourful I really love how they’ve turned out!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 3: We created these fantastic flamingo pictures using oil pastels. We followed a guided draw and then added all the textures using different parts of the oil pastels. they look brilliant!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 3: FINAL EXHIBITION - we have a mini exhibition this week as a few pupils left yesterday so here are today’s artists! They’ve created some really beautiful art work, the pieces are really vibrant and there were lots of new skills involved! Well done all!

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