Fabulous Flamingos - Day 2

Fabulous Flamingos Day 2: we’ve had a busy morning at ART4 today...we started out by making flamingo soaps! We chose colours and scents including: candy cane, tutti Fruiti and blueberry blast! We added glitter and spooned the soap into moulds adding sparkly flamingos as we went! They look fabulous!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 2: we created fab tropical mobiles using foam, felt and wooden hoops! We used templates to help us cut out all the pieces! We’ve got a fabulous flamingo, star struck pineapple, a colourful rainbow and cute watermelon! We hung them in the trees!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 2: we created fab flamingo masks this morning! We painted the paper mache bases and then used foam and card to make the feathers! We added marabou feathers to make them really fancy! Fancy Flamingos!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 2: two of the ART4 gang had their mini exhibition this afternoon! They’ve created some fabulous pieces and thoroughly enjoyed making all of the flamingo themed crafts! Mobiles, soap, collages and giant paint your own flamingos! See you next time girls!

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