Fabulous Flamingos - Day 1

Fabulous Flamingos Day 1: we started the day designing and painting our giant flamingos! We let our imaginations run wild! We then moved on to painting using acrylics for depth of colour! We’ve got galaxies, sunsets, robots and more! I’m really looking forward to seeing these finished!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 1: we finished our second sides and they look fabulous!!! We used lots of different techniques to create the different looks! We splattered and sponged and blended with brushes! They are going to look fantastic outside later!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 1: they’re done! They look absolutely awesome! Everyone is thrilled with how well these Fabulous Flamingos turned out! The colours pop against the green of the grass...they’re definitely ready for their new homes round and about Newcastle!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 1: we spent the afternoon creating collages using all kinds of materials! We used templates to help us cut out our felt pieces, we used crepe paper for the backgrounds, different shades of green card and felt for the leaves and we added flowers and feathers for the finishing touches!

Fabulous Flamingos Day 1: final project of the day! Pop art flamingos! These look so cool now they’re finished...I love how the colours contrast to produce vibrant images! Looking forward to creating flamingo mobiles soap making tomorrow!

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