Creative Ceramics - Day 2 - Week 3

Creative Ceramics Day 2: we started today by using our imaginations to create fantastical dragon eggs! We used a piece of clay to make a solid, egg-shaped base and then began to add all our own details! These are going to look fantastic painted!

Creative Ceramics Day 2: we painted our dragon eyes this afternoon and they look fantastic, we even used metallic paint to give them some added magic!

Creative Ceramics Day 2: we made hanging garden pods today, we used polymer clay to create the shapes and then added our own unique details to the designs! They’re all ready to go in the oven tonight!

Creative Ceramics Day 2: Last day for one of ART4’s youngest attendees so a mini exhibition for her today! “Clay is brilliant! I’ve loved my first ART4 workshop, I can’t believe I’ve made all this in 2 days!”

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