7th October

Coquet Park After School Club KS1: we used oil pastels and a secret ingredient to make these fabulous Halloween inspired artworks tonight! We used 4 shades of blue to create a moonlit sky and then cut out bats to make silhouettes! They look spooktacular!

NHSG After School Club KS1 & EYFS: we created some fantastic sugar skull masks tonight! We coloured carefully and thought about how to make our marks symmetrical! They’re going to look spooktacular! Snap shots only

NHSG After School Club KS2: We finished most of our pumpkins inspired by Japanese dot artist: Yayoi Kusama! I love how the colours used for the pumpkins and backgrounds contrast...this was trickier than it looks! I think they look absolutely FANTASTIC! Well done girls!

Archibald First After School Club KS2: we finished our sugar skulls this week and I have to say I’m thrilled with how well they’ve turned out! Such vibrant colours and stunning designs add to the individuality of each one! They’re symmetrical too! Well done KS2, you did a great job!

Archibald First After School Club KS1: we spent tonight creating these fang-tastic paper plate Halloween mini theatres! The ghoulish ghosts move across the spooky backgrounds! We listened carefully & followed all the instructions brilliantly! I think they look spooktacular! Great job!

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