3rd June

Coquet Park After School Club KS1: we created balloon landscapes this week. We painted our backgrounds first, added a famous landmark as a foreground then added the colourful balloons! I love this project! It’s one of my favourites!

NHSG After School Club EYFS & KS1: some fabulous flamingo collages this week! I think these look brilliant, I love how the colours pop! The feathers and the pink spheres add an extra dimension to these stunning creations! Flamingos are definitely ‘in’

NHSG After School Club KS2: we completed our fab camouflage abstracts this week. The colours are so striking! We also continued with our paper art project, they’re starting to take shape! A very colourful week at ART4!

Archibald First After School Club KS2: we made tiles for our last week at ART4! We had free choice over our designs! I think they look fantastic and there’s so much creativity and imagination on show! Well done all! New 5 week block starts next week with all new projects!

Archibald First After School Club KS1: we designed our own tiles for our last ART4 session, they are unique, colourful and imaginative and I think the children really enjoyed making them! Remember NEW 5 week block starts NEXT WEEK! Well done KS1!

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