20th May

Coquet Park After School Club KS1: we spent this session using our imaginations to add colour to our mystical dragons eyes! We used paint to breathe life into our creations! I think the finished projects look absolutely fantastic!

NHSG After School Club EYFS & KS1: we used Gaudi as inspiration for tonight’s project! These tiles are one of his most famous creations. We used bright colours to bring out different patterns in the tiles and then we assembled them in lots of unique ways! I love how they turned out!

‪NHSG After School Club KS2: using the art of Jen Stark as our inspiration tonight at ART4! Her work is so colourful and full of life! We used brightly coloured paper to create the layers seen in her work. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces!

Archibald First After School Club KS2: lots of FUN at ART4 tonight, we made fabulous Llama bags! We used bright colours and added funky glasses to give the Llamas a bit of a twist! I love how unique they all are! One more session after the half term holidays!

Archibald First After School Club KS1: we finished our fantastically colourful bunnies this week, they look super! We also made our own book bags, we chose a Llama, unicorn or rabbit template and then added funky glasses! We used bright colours to finish!

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