13th May

Coquet Park After School club KS1: we used clay to make these mystical dragon eyes! These were really challenging as there were lots of stages, everyone persevered and the final pieces look really imaginative! I can’t wait to see them painted next week! Well done all!

NHSG After School Club EYFS & KS1: we completed these cherry blossom canvases this week! We added crepe paper for texture and then used two shades of pink paint on the ends of cotton buds to create the blossom! I think of spring when I look at them!

NHSG After School Club KS2: we began these abstract patterns tonight. We used pencil to create the shapes before outlining in sharpie. We then coloured between the patterns. We are going to add bright colours over the top of these next session. I think they’re going to look really striking!

Archibald First After School Club KS2: we finished our fantastic scraperboard pieces this week! They’re so colourful and the patterns are so intricate! We also created these cool reflection pieces too...I like how abstract they are. These took more skill than you’d think! Well done KS2!

Archibald First After School Club KS1: we focused on colour and pattern tonight! We used chunky felt tips to create colourful backgrounds. We thought about the combinations carefully. Then we used pattern to add dimension to these bunnies! Lots of fine motor skills on show tonight! Well done!

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