11th November

Coquet Park After School Club KS2: we’re creating fabulously Christmassy gingerbread houses tonight at ART4! We drew our designs out on A3 paper, we tried to add lots of details in the form of sweets, lollipops and candy canes! We then outlined in sharpie and some of us began painting! Busy club this term!

NHSG After School Club EYFS & KS1: who doesn’t love reindeer? We’re making these adorable fellas this week at ART4! We used templates to help us as it’s a tricky skill. I was so impressed with the reception girls: their fine motor skills are coming along beautifully! Christmas jumpers and glitter to be added next week!

NHSG After School Club KS2: we finished our winter landscapes this week, they look absolutely beautiful! Using the work of insta artist Jen Aranyi as inspiration, we added details in ink and the stunning skies using watercolours! Gorgeous colours!

Archibald First After School Club KS2: we finished our one point perspective snowmen this week! I love all of their little personalities! We used felt tips to add scarves and hats then we applied watercolours to create wintery sky backdrops! Very Christmassy!

Archibald First After School Club KS1: hectic club tonight as we created these little cuties! We painted our watercolour backgrounds using 2 shades of blue and then made our penguins out of card. We added scarves and some jagged ice for the finishing touches! Brilliant...well done KS1 you worked so hard on these!

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