Imagination Bags

Price: £25.00

Includes ALL materials and Tutorials

Create FANTASTIC art projects at HOME!

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Can’t come to the ART4 After School Club after your long-awaited return to school?

Take the opportunity to step into a whole new world of fun and creativity ONLINE!

ART4 Imagination bags contain absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create amazing pieces of art at HOME! Create a stunning series of watercolour projects based on a variety of themes from striking killer whales to delicate dragonflies! Learn how to paint like a pro with this wonderful set of online tutorial sessions! Each Imagination Bag is personalised and has high quality art equipment tucked inside so that you can continue to explore your creative side at home!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we’ve all been using technology in a whole new way. ART4 is no exception! Many of you may have already seen the fabulous video tutorials on my YouTube channel and I received lots of gorgeous photos of incredible pieces of art that you enjoyed creating using the brilliant step by step instructions and easy to follow drawing tutorials!

What’s in my ART4 Imagination Bag?

Tutorials: Have FUN learning how to create wonderfully detailed and vibrant watercolours by following along with each of the exciting, hour-long tutorials that focus on unique themes and build up in complexity as you acquire new painting and drawing skills! The tutorials are designed to teach you how to paint, draw and create! Fire up your imagination with ART4@Home!

The 5 guided tutorials are designed to teach creative skills via YouTube and can be carried out independently.

Each Imagination Bag contains:

  • A full set of high-quality watercolour paints containing 18 stunning colours

  • A set of 3 different sized wooden handled watercolour brushes with extra fine points

  • A3 and A4 sheets of acid free, textured watercolour paper– 10 sheets in total

  • 2 Staedtler drawing pencils designed for sketching and drawing

  • 2 fine point black pens to use when outlining or creating designs

  • A black sharpie to add depth and vibrancy to finished pieces

  • A rubber for editing and correcting 


How can I order one?

Booking: If you would like to place an order for a fantastic Imagination Bag, please email ART4 at:

Delivery: Once ordered, ART4 will deliver your bag directly. Please conatct ART4 for further information and prices.

Access: the 5, easy to follow, step by step tutorials are accessed via YouTube and you will be sent a private link once payment is received.

Price: £25.00 – includes ALL equipment, tutorials and a fantastic personalised ART4 tote bag to keep!


Embrace your creativity and join the artistic journey at home!